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Services I Offer


Individual Child Therapy

Bringing a child to therapy is a big decision for most parents. Some parents worry that seeking therapy for their child means that they are not an adequate parent and can’t handle problems on their own. They might worry what others think of them and their child, or feel bad that there is something wrong with them. These thoughts can easily run through a parent’s head because our society forgets that a psychological problem is no different than a physical problem. We easily go to a GP for a physical problem; likewise, it is wise to seek the support of a trained therapist if there is a problem socially or emotionally. Our bodies, thoughts, and feelings are all interconnected. Social and emotional struggles occur for many different reasons and children’s challenges can come in all shapes and sizes. The fact that parents are seeking support for their child should be seen as a strength, not a weakness! I will provide some answers to basic questions about child therapy as well as give an overview of how I work with children, adolescents, and their families. We will be talking more as our work together progresses, and I hope that you will always feel free to ask me any questions you might have.

Family Therapy and Advice Services

One of the unique aspects of being a Social Worker in private practice is that I am experienced in working not only with individuals, but with families and the welfare system. I am able to help clients understand the rules and regulations attached to various forms of social services support and aid, and assist them in navigating what can be a complex legal system in matters relating to guardianship, fostering or adoption advice. I regularly provide child protection/welfare consultations to professionals and families.

Father & Son

Legal Matters

As an independent Social Worker I am asked to serve as an expert witness either through private or public court cases, namely in matters relating to the family courts. This work involves providing assessments whereby investigations are required in cases of child abuse or parenting capacity analysis. 

I have been serving the family courts for over 11 years and my experience lies within the UK and South African judicial system. I have considerable experience in child, adolescent and family assessment, counselling, and parenting guidance.